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Our Relationship with Space Center Houston

Texas Scuba Adventures is  primarily focused on SCUBA education through contract services with Space Center Houston and by providing certifications through the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI). Since its inception Texas SCUBA Adventures has developed a reputable working relationship with Space Center Houston to provide a Discover SCUBA Experience to international high school students. This experience allows them to later “train like an astronaut” by completing a scientific project on SCUBA equipment led by our instructors and educators. Roughly 17,000 students have participated in this unique experience over the last 10 years – averaging out to over 1,700 students annually. The Company further provides SCUBA certifications for members of the general public and NASA interns. All the Company services are performed at a rental pool in Clear Lake or on site at a dive location. These services will continue to be provided at those locations and not at proposed retail location. 


SPace CEnter Houston

Ever dreamed of being an astronaut? Have you wondered what it takes to travel and live on Mars? Do you want to engineer your own robotic rover and launch a rocket? Come behind the scenes with Space Center U, the ultimate educational experience, and get a taste of space exploration! 

Video Credit: Space Center Houston

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